ASB Spreads Moor Spirit in Spring Rally

spring flowers SHELLEY LIN
Staff Writer

On April 3, ASB hosted the annual Spring Rally during lunch. The Spring Rally presented this season’s sports: boys’ volleyball, swim, badminton, boys’ tennis, track and field, girls’ softball and boys’ baseball.

“[This spring rally], we [wanted] to highlight [student athletes’] accomplishments and also celebrate senior athletes on four years of hard work,” ASB president Kristie Sham said.

This year, the All Female and All Male dance teams performed at the event, as well as senior Areli Arellano, who performed a song. ASB congratulated senior athletes by working on organizing different performances such as singing performances, as well as adjusting the campus to look more festive each time.

“[In the future], I hope to open up the pool of performers. In order to add diversity, I hope to have other VAPA groups showcase their talents,” Director of Pep Rebecca Lopez said.

In hopes for more successful rallies in the future Lopez plans to schedule these events on convenient days in response of a more prepared rally instead of hosting them after long breaks from school. Assistant to Pep Amanda Morales anticipates for more creative decorations and different ways of showing school spirit without being repetitive as the previous years’ rallies.