Student Services Advocates Positivity With Incentives

CAROLINE REN Editor in Chief After entering AHS this school year, Assistant Principals of Student Services Carly Chavez and Edgar Alas set a new goal in hopes of creating a more positive atmosphere on campus: the Student Services incentive program. The program, which they hope to implement within the next month, would reward students for good behavior with memos that

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Four Lacking Areas in National Education

JOSEPH NEY-JUN Staff Writer Every seven years, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce evaluates each state on its academic achievement, and achievements by low-income and minority students. It evaluates the state’s return on their investments, truth in advertising about student proficiency, rigor of standards, postsecondary workforce readiness, their 21st century teaching force, flexibility in management and policy and their data quality.

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Staff Ed: Is the Parental ‘Technology Leash’ Healthy for a Parent-Child Relationship?

In this day and age, it is very uncommon to find a teenager without a cellphone. In fact, according to a 2013 Pew Research study, 78 percent of America’s teenage population owns a cellular device. However, this poses a crucial question: how can parents protect their children from the dangers of the technological world? New apps such as Ignore No

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