Varsity Girls’ Water Polo Stroking to Enhance for the Following Year

Staff Writer

With the final league record at 0-4, the varsity girls’ water polo team swam throughout the season and ended their last rally on Feb. 12 against the Schurr Spartans, the league’s current champion, but fell to a score of 1-23.

“I think we did good considering we had a lot of injured players. Injuries were a problem because for a couple of games, we were missing more than three players at once. That meant that we sometimes didn’t have subs in the game,” sophomore wing Joyce Hong said.

Communication was another factor for the team’s fall in a couple of the games, and to improve that, the Moors practice drills such as playing three-on-three, shooting daily and running scrimmages weekly to build stamina, endurance and offense for the team which conditioned them for game situations. The Moors perfected offensive plays by practicing shooting drills and passing drills that also helped during game situations.

“For next season, the girls just need to keep playing the way [they] are playing. I would like to work on turning more players and individual players drive toward the goal. As for the turnout for the season, I’m so proud of the way the girls played. They all improved tremendously and often execute maneuvers that left me in amazement,” Head Coach Adrian Lopez said.

Because Lopez coaches two sports, the polo team does not have a coach to condition them or work on skills during off season due to swim season in the spring, so the team practices diligently independently or joins swim to further their conditioning.