Speech and Debate Club Reaches 400 Club

Staff Writer

As the second semester of the 2013-2014 school year starts, the AHS Speech and Debate Team enters the 400 Club.
As a member competes in competitions, they accumulate points that add up. At a certain point threshold, the student is awarded a seal. The 400 club is reflective of a team reaching a combined 400 total seals.

The 400 club is one of the most prestigious levels within the National Forensic League that teams strive for throughout the year of competition.

“I remember my freshman year when Mr. Tong was still striving for the 300 club. Back then, even the 300s was a huge deal. The fact that our team has come so far and exceeded so many expectations in so little time makes me unbelievably proud to be a part of the Alhambra Moors Speech and Debate team,” co-captain Anthony Zhu said.

The rankings of schools are based upon the number of members on a team, the number of tournaments the team attends and the number of winnings.

“Our team has accomplished a plethora of accomplishments this year and I’m certain that the best is yet to come. Making it into the 400 club is quite an accomplishment, but it won’t mean anything if we let it get to our heads,” co-captain Andrew Quach said.

Currently AHS’ Speech and Debate team is nationally ranked at 21 out of over 3,000 schools. Of these 3,000 schools, only 39 schools are part of the 300 Club and only 17 are part of the 400 Club.

“When I first arrived at Alhambra High School, the team would barely make the 200 club – or not at all. It is very gratifying to see the students achieve a national standing collectively,” advisor Kevin Tong said.