‘More Than a Memory’ at Sadie Hawkins

Staff Writer

Sadie Hawkins, the high school tradition of the girl-asks-boy dance, originated from a comic strip. In the cartoon, there was a designated day in November when unmarried women could chase bachelors around town in hopes of catching them for marriage. The comic became very popular and the tradition was born. Schools across the country were inspired by the unique day and began holding dances on Sadie Hawkins Day. Today, the celebrations pop up anytime between November and February.

At AHS, Junior Council hosts the annual Sadie Hawkins dance. It will take place on Feb. 21 this year, the following Friday after Valentine’s Day. For the first time ever, Junior Council will host the dance between the AHS’ C and D building instead of in the underground parking lot.

“I know people like the underground structure and can’t imagine a dance in our location, but that’s the appeal,” Junior Council President Vivian Chau said. “The beauty of this is that you will really be blown away when you see how we turn this ordinary space into a beautiful dance location.”

The concept of an outdoor dance has also appealed to students.

“I’m looking forward to this year’s new location, considering we’ve never had a dance outside before,” sophomore Vanessa Gutierrez said.

Junior Council hopes that this year’s Sadie Hawkins will be enjoyed by attendees.

We can amazingly decorate the dance and hype it up as much as we want, but nothing makes a dance experience great like the people there to make it ‘More Than a Memory,’” Chau said.