Shakespeare and Jersey Clash in Midautumn Production

DREAM AWAY AHS’s Advanced Drama and Thespians Society collaborates in optimism
in order to showcase their first play, Midsummer/Jersey.

Staff Writer

This autumn season brought about a new production from the Drama department. This year, the Advanced Drama class and Thespians Society underwent preparations and practices to present their newest play, Midsummer/Jersey.

In recent years, the drama curriculum has undergone a change of several department heads, from Emily Coalson to Daniel Ingram last year. This year, the department’s hiring of a new drama teacher, Jennifer Nitschke, once again brought about a change of educators. Despite having multiple teachers over the last three years, the students have adapted accordingly.

“We have adjusted well and are glad to have Ms. Nitschke,” Advanced Drama student and Thespians vice president William Martinez said.

The production took place Thursday, Nov. 21, and Friday, Nov. 22, in the auditorium. Tickets were pre-sold for $6 and at the door for $8, with an ASB card discount of $1.

Preparation for the play was underway for some time, according to those involved.

“We had auditions, we had rehearsals, we worked as a team,”Nitschke said.

Other members were also enthusiastic about the play in the days prior to opening night.

“Thespians were rehearsing and working hard to put on a good show,” Martinez said.

Some students’ expectations were also high prior to the play.

“I am expecting comedy from this year’s play and better organization this year compared to last year’s,” sophomore Jackie Lam said.

The Advanced Drama class presented Ken Ludwig’s Midsummer/ Jersey, a modern retelling of one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, set in New Jersey. It is a play in two acts, involving singing and dancing as well. The play’s modern spin of Shakespeare focuses on the relationships of select citizens of New Jersey and the resident fairies meddling in the humans’ romantic entanglements in an attempt to better their lives. It was written specifically for high school and college theater productions.

The play was directed by drama teacher Jennifer Nitschke with assistant director Tuan Tran. Those involved in the play felt positive about how it went.

“Overall the show went well and was a good experience for everyone,” Martinez said.

The director and teacher also showed satisfaction at the outcome of the play.

“I’m proud of all of it, of the hard work and dedication that the actors and crew put into this show to make it great,” Nitschke said.