Varsity Football Easing Back Into Offseason

Staff Writer

As the varsity football team finishes off the season, the team has begun to look ahead to the future within the program.
With 16 seniors graduating this year from the squad, next year’s team will consist of many returners, but also plenty of new faces. Head Coach Eric Bergstrom believes that the team should be fine heading into next season even though they fell short of some expectations this year.

“This season, the players showed a lot of motivation by focusing on their own skills and not the opponent’s skills,” Bergstrom said. “With more preparation, we hope to build momentum from the offseason into the season,”

After finishing with a 2-8 record, the Moors earned the Tri-City Award. This award is given to the team with the best record among Mark Keppel, San Gabriel and Alhambra. In addition, Bergstrom has stated that the lack of an offseason was a major factor in the number of losses. He plans to endorse continued weight training and conditioning during the offseason.

“We plan to work hard in the weight room every day, especially during the summer,” junior wide receiver Simon Poon said.
“We’re also [going to work] hard on conditioning,”

Overall, Bergstrom and the players are excited for what a full year of training will bring. They believe that fixing small mistakes will lead to more wins and a successful season. They can only wait to see where the football program at AHS heads.

“As a new coach, we didn’t have much of an offseason this past season,” Bergstrom said. “This year, I plan to start much earlier. In my opinion, that will be the biggest difference that will get us better.”