Girls’ Volleyball Slides Its Way Through Season

THE FINAL PRACTICE Lady Moors varsity volleyball team prepares for a victory in their final league match against the Mark Keppel Aztecs.

Staff Writer

The Moors had their last league game on Nov. 5 against the Mark Keppel Aztecs which was the last game of senior players’ high school careers. The win resulted with the Moors receiving a record of 3-7. It took the Moors four intense sets to defeat the Aztecs resulting with the set score of 4-1.

“I feel like our last game was good. I saw real aggressiveness come out from our players and some of the underclassmen really made me proud,” captain Catalina Lee Kim said.

With five seniors leaving this year out of a team that consists of 18, the expectations on this year’s underclassmen are very high.

Most of the varsity players this year will be returners, thus meaning that they should be used to Head Coach Charles Tran’s coaching strategies and the varsity pace itself. With the benefit of knowing who they’re going to play against, the Moors can adjust to be more prepared. Tran hopes to work on their defense and offense so that they can perform better.

“The team needs to be more mentally strong so that they can play at their full potential,” Tran said.

The Moors’ expectations are high, not from coaches, but from the players themselves. Working diligently is key, and to be successful, the Moors need effort in the offseason to be different next year.

“My expectations for next year are high. [The] majority of us will be varsity returners. We’ve had a rough season this year, so I hope we learn from our mistakes and struggles to be a better team,” junior defensive specialist Carol Chen said.