Don’t Hate, Appreciate

JENNY LEE Features Editor Schools across America take a few days off annually to celebrate this November holiday with their families. Elementary school teachers have incessantly engraved images of Pilgrims and feasts into young minds. Giving thanks should be a daily practice, so what is so exceptional about this sole holiday besides stuffing ourselves with delights? Thanksgiving commemorates the historic

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Did You Know…?

SHELLEY LIN Staff Writer 1. Who, in a letter to his daughter, proposed the turkey as the national bird? A. George Washington C. John Hancock B. Benjamin Franklin D. Thomas Jefferson 2. Which U.S. president established Thanksgiving as an annual national holiday? A. George Washington C. Franklin D. Roosevelt B. Abraham Lincoln D. Rutherford B. Hayes True or False 1.

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That Was Fast: Colleges Fail to Responsibly Address Sexual Assault

DEBORAH CHEN Copy Editor Numerous students at the University of Southern California (USC) have filed federal complaints that the school has failed to adequately respond to sexual assaults on campus. Similar complaints have also been filed at other schools around the nation, including Occidental, Yale, University of California Berkeley, Dartmouth and Swarthmore. There have been many situations in which school

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