One-Way Tickets to Mars Are One-Way Tickets to Calamity

Staff Writer

In 2022, 40 people all over the world are set for a one-way trip to Mars. According to Mars One, while all 40 will eventually get to Mars, only 4 people will be sent to Mars every two years. Currently, there are about 100,000 applicants who are ready to travel to Mars and never return. Although some people might consider leaving Earth as a fun challenge, a one-way trip to Mars is a one-way trip to disaster.

The journey to Mars will not only take a long period of time— about seven to eight months— but it would also be very uncomfortable. Imagine this: seven to eight months on a small aircraft with only dried or canned food, three hour daily exercises, possible illnesses, drinkable water from recycled urine and no water to bathe in. This is not some people’s idea of a fun road trip, but that might just be them.

Before the journey, the 40 astronauts will also undergo seven strenuous months of training to prepare for the rest of their life on Mars. However, even with the extensive training, the astronauts will still feel dizzy in space. As fun as it seems to be floating around an aircraft, having to flip over and over in the air is sure to cause headaches.

If you still decide to sign up and make the team of 40 astronauts, congratulations! You have just gotten yourself a seven to eight month rocky trip to space with no showering, dried or canned food, exercise, illness, water from recycled urine and a lifetime with limited contact with people on Earth.

Would you want to leave everything on Earth for a one-way trip to Mars?