History of Hallow’s Eve

Staff Writer

Halloween is a holiday that many Americans celebrate and enjoy. However, Halloween was not invented by Americans; the holiday was created by the Celts 2000 years ago in modern day Ireland. The Celts thought that Nov. 1, the beginning of winter, was associated with human death and the day before, Oct. 31, the ghosts of the dead would come back to Earth and cause trouble with crops.

In order to prevent these ghosts from causing trouble, the priests of the town would build a bonfire, burn crops and animals and wear costumes made from animal heads during the celebration and sacrifice. In modern times, most of these traditions practiced have faded, but the tradition of dressing up in costumes still lives on.

However, some believe that Halloween is a fading tradition in Alhambra, even if it was once a popular holiday.

“Halloween is a great American pastime that’s slowly dying out in Alhambra, because I don’t see as many trick-or-treaters coming out as I used to,” junior Kenny Huynh said.

Many Americans have celebrated Halloween as children and some think that is the reason why Halloween is still a national Holiday.

“Halloween is more of a tradition celebrated and enforced by Americans who celebrated it as children,” junior Michelle Leung said.