Hanging Over the Edge of Halloween

Staff Writer

What do teachers call “the worst day of the year”? The day after America’s biggest candy holiday, Nov. 1 Have you ever woken up the day after Halloween and thought, “Man, I should not have eaten all that candy last night!”? If you have, you probably know what the Halloween Hangover is: being sick from eating too much candy.

Nobody likes waking up and having the urge to throw up from all the Skittles that were eaten the night before. It is probably one of the worst feelings experienced of the year. What is really upsetting about that is, most of us tell ourselves to eat less candy compared to the year before, but each year, the candy in our Halloween buckets successfully weaken our defenses.

The Halloween Hangover is appalling on the students. We come to school with stomachaches and hallucinations in our head from the candy. In our heads, and some out loud, we think, “Why am I even here?” and “Just give me more candy!” Yet we still make the same mistake every year.

The Halloween Hangover does not affect just us students; it affects the teachers as well. Teachers take a lot of time to calm all the students down, and when they do, they will not really have everyone’s attention. Sorry teachers, the sugar rush just gets to us!