College Fair Held at San Gabriel High

News Editor

On Oct. 17, the sixth annual district College Fair, which was held at San Gabriel High School (SGHS), welcomed high school students to explore a variety of post-graduation options.

The fair hosted over 60 colleges and universities, vocational schools and military services. The variety allowed high school students to find their niche and decide which institution is best for their futures.

“[T]he College Fair helps these kids see the different options they have after high school, and lets them talk to college [representatives] face-to-face,” U.S. Army representative Sergeant Morrel said.

The Matador Arena and Gyms were packed with students and parents, but students were still able to navigate and find booths that interested them.

“[The fair] was organized very well, and it was easy to find specific colleges,” senior Meghan Hui said.

Among the attendees were students from Alhambra, Mark Keppel and San Gabriel High Schools. Some of these students, such as AHS senior Aaron Robles, sought information regarding community colleges.

“My grades throughout high school were mediocre, so I don’t qualify at the UCs and privates which have the programs that I desire so I’d rather go to a community college,” Robles said.

Other students are considering enlisting in military services, such as the U.S. Army, Navy or Marines.

“It’s more adventurous than other jobs and it builds character,” AHS junior Rommel Tun said.

Aside from higher education institutions and military services, the College Fair also had non-college booths, such as Alhambra Education Foundation and the Princeton Review. The Alhambra Latino Association (ALA), which is an expanding non-profit organization that is committed to promoting cultural awareness, was also present at the fair.

“We’re here to promote college education and to let students know that there is a way to get financial aid and for them to apply for scholarships,” ALA President Teresa Ybarra said.

In the Small Gym, several showcases took place, including SGHS Culinary Arts, Medical Careers Academy and Wood Working. These showcases highlighted students’ work in their respective fields; for example, several students worked with machinery during the Fair to demonstrate their woodshop skills.

Ultimately, College Fair is there for students to learn more about colleges and whether they should pursue higher education or should consider alternate paths in life.