New Club Promulgates Cultural Awareness

CAROLINE REN Editor in Chief ELTON HO Staff Writer Students may have heard about the newly founded Latin American Student Organization (LASO) through the mentions in the Student Bulletin. Its primary purpose is to celebrate biculturalism and its impact on individuals. “We take in kids from any culture, and they research and look into what it means to be bicultural

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Immoral Cuts from Food Stamp Program May Be Imminent

JANET GUAN Staff Writer House Representatives, mainly Republicans, recently approved a $40 billion cut in the government food stamp program. However, if the cuts are implemented, they can withdraw much needed monetary support from thousands of families. The purpose of the Republican plan is to reduce citizens’ economic dependence on the government. Yet, a general cut from the budget does

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MOOR vs. MOOR: Should Sports or the Visual and Performing Arts Receive More Funding?

JACQUELYN LOI Staff Writer The Alhambra Unified School District is considering spending money on both visual and performing arts (VAPA) and sports programs. However, more of the funding should go to VAPA programs. There are a wide variety of occupations for VAPA, including directing, animation, design, photography, acting and many other careers. However, in sports, there are only the typical

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