Racist Jokes Gone Too Far

BARRY CHEUNG Staff Writer Have you ever witnessed someone being called an offensive name just because of his or her race? Racism is utilized throughout today’s society, either for humorous or offensive matters. Some are oblivious to the fact that they have made a racist comment, since such comments are used so commonly. However, racism needs to end now because

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Halloween Hangover

JENNY LEE Staff Writer Oct. 31 is the day children clothe themselves in outlandish outfits, demanding candy from strangers. After haunting hours of hoarding various candies, superheroes transform into monsters on Nov. 1, America’s Halloween Hangover. Every candy consumed contributes to the many behavioral changes, especially attentiveness. Knowing a few prevention tips would be helpful because although we were always

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Pumpkin Celebration

SHELLEY LIN Staff Writer The holidays can cause people go overboard, whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July or Halloween. Candies contain food dyes that affect the consumers’ behaviors according to The Center for Science Interest. Research done in the United States, Canada, England and Australia state that the behaviors that have been affecting people are

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