Varsity Girls’ Water Polo Ends Regular Season as an Experienced, Unified Team

Assistant Sports Editor

While students take cover from the thunderstorms or walk around in their tank tops during 2013’s unpredictable weather, the varsity girls’ water polo team is hard at work, rain or shine.

This season, they currently have a league record of 0-4, having lost to Montebello Oilers, Bell Gardens Lancers, Mark Keppel Aztecs, and the Schurr Spartans. However, the team feels they have neared their potential and have made great progress since their last season.

“We have improved a lot in terms of strength as a team, being able to understand each other better and communicate well during games,” senior Herschella Kozasky said.

The girls have followed their daily routine ever since the beginning of the season and hold practice as long as there is a pool filled with water. Their practices are held at Granada Park consist of warming up their legs, treading water, improving the accuracy of their passing and shooting and enacting real-game scenarios with scrimmages against the JV team. After all of the physical work is done, Head Coach Sarah Duran explains the key essentials to forming a successful team.

“Experience […] plays a big role in our team. These girls are mostly seniors that have been together for most of their four years. They understand each other well and have a great knowledge of the game,” Duran said.

As all teams have their glory days here and there, this one will be hard to miss with all of the varsity athletes graduating this year.

“I think the team has made huge progress from previous years. This year, we had many girls that are dedicated and passionate, I’m proud of our girls,” senior Priscilla Alfaro said.