Varsity Boys’ Basketball Endeavors for Successful End to Season

Sports Editor

Basketball requires thoroughness and athleticism, which is why the varsity boys’ team practices their fundamentals in the gymnasium on a daily basis. They currently have a record of 4-5. One loss was a triple-overtime game against the Mark Keppel Aztecs on Jan. 11. However, the Moors defeated the Aztecs in a rematch on Jan. 30 with a score of 49-42. With this win, the team is determined to end the season strong.

“I always want to improve defensively. The team chemistry is good; we are playing well [together]. We have only ten guys playing, but all are solid,” Head Coach Robert Blanchard said.

Despite a slightly reduced roster, captain Wai Sett and center and power-forward Carlos Barrios feel that the team is strong on offensive possessions, but agree with Blanchard about improving their defense. The team rotates between offense and defense in their practices for balance between the two virtues.

“I believe we are able to score whenever we want. We just need to focus on every defensive possession,” Barrios said.

The team’s focus is currently on the league finals. Blanchard prepares the boys for the finals intensively because he believes rigor and routine will lead to progress.

“We’re very good offensively when we control the tempo of the game. We just have too many mistakes that are more mental than physical,” Sett said.