Robert L. Gin: Vice President

Robert L. Gin currently serves as vice president of the AUSD’s school board. He lives in Monterey Park with his wife and four daughters and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business from CSULA. Before taking on this job, Gin had the position of being former president of the entire Parent Teacher Association of the AUSD. He reaches out to the public by volunteering at non-profit organizations, like a health fair at a church in El Monte. His vision is to inspire people and aid them to strive for better.

Gin describes the process of receiving this position as having to apply first, then filing and obtaining signatures from people in the school district. If opposed, the candidates will have to raise money and campaign, finally getting elected. When Gin first ran for the position, he lost to his opponent, but he ran unopposed and won the second time. As VP of AUSD’s school board, Gin’s job is to assist the president and lead meetings if they are not present. In addition, he claims, “Asians are good leaders, but in a different way. We are not vocal, but we work with people.”

The staff and superintendent oversee where the money from Governor Brown’s plan would be placed. They then plan strategically to use that amount effectively and support children in our district. Gin believes that the legacy is through our schools; the students are the future. Gin encourages students to “be involved with school and give back to the community; don’t be afraid to do it.”

Dalla Wong
Features Editor