Lady Moors Prepare to End Their Season on a Positive Note

Staff Writer

As the winter season comes to an end, the varsity girls’ basketball team is working hard to hone their skills. Last year, the team finished their season with a 3-7 record. This year, they currently hold a record of 2-7 as the team continues to focus during practice to defeat their opponents.

“We need to improve on our communication and helping each other on the court,” captain Samantha Garcia said.

Flexibility, conditioning, speed and agility, along with strength and power, are the areas of emphasis that the basketball team worked on to prepare for the season. The team is driven during practice, working on drills, such as running, passing and shooting, while improving on their communication skills in order to enhance their performance in games.

In their recent game against Mark Keppel on Jan. 29, the team lost with a score of 16-92 but hopes to win their last game today against San Gabriel to finish the season strongly.

According to captain Lauren Wong, thanks to new Head Coach Erik Williams, the chemistry within the team has improved, placing the team in an optimistic mood towards the rest of their season.

“I think we are driven now for the second round. By the end [of the season] we will have improved on all the things we have lacked on,” captain Tracy Yoshimizu said.