Jane Anderson: President

Jane Anderson, who is currently serving as president of the AUSD school board, is appointed to voice the opinions of the entire committee. Anderson grew up to love the city of Alhambra, as she attended Garfield Elementary and later Alhambra High. After receiving her California teaching credential and Bachelors of Arts degree at UCSB, she went to CSULA to attain her Masters of Arts in Education. Anderson later taught second grade at Monterey Highlands for 35 years. After retiring from her teaching career in 2002, she mentored new teachers and later applied for a job in the school board in 2007.

“[It was] a real honor [to be] appointed to the board; [I am able to] give back to the community, care for children and carry out [my] family legacy,” Anderson said. She wants to continue the road her father took, as he was also president of the board at the time of her graduation from AHS.

Anderson says that even with all of her daily activities and hobbies, she devotes the most time to her job. She wants to use the money from Governor Brown’s plan to invest in technology in order to do testing for common core standards. In addition, since about 80 to 85 percent of the district’s funding is for employees, Anderson plans to keep providing these funds to maintain high-quality education and teachers for students of this district. She proudly encourages all students to “[be] very proud to be able to attend a high school that has a wonderful [history]. Be proud of your heritage.”

Cynthia Luong
Features Editor