New Season on the way for the JV Girls’ Soccer Team

Staff Writer

As winter begins to roll in, the JV girls’ soccer team will be getting ready to start their long-awaited season. The team has been practicing and preparing in their off-season, which includes summer practices, working on conditioning, communication and technique. However, there is still much work needed to be done before the start of their season.
“We should improve on communication on the field and [our] technique,” captain Renata Rodriguez said.
The team feels they still need to work on ball control, passing, dribbling and talking on the field, as well as growing closer together in order to have a successful season. The girls believe that communicating efficiently during games is the key to the team’s success and plays a big factor in determining the outcome of every game.
“My most important goal right now is to put them together as a team,” coach Nabor Solis said.