JV Boys’ Basketball Determined to Strive in Preseason

Sports Editor

As students return from winter break, many athletics resume. One such team is JV boys’ basketball. They currently hold a record of 2-1 in preseason and train daily in order to prep for the regular season.
“We are doing well [so far]. We have a nice, young core of sophomores and we have high hopes for this year,” coach Bryan Gonzalez said.
The team trains by beginning with warm-ups that consist of jump shots, sprints and breakdowns of fundamentals. The schedule proceeds with shooting drills, such as V-cuts, offensive practices designed to improve positioning and communication, five-on-five situationals and finally, conditioning.
According to Gonzalez and captain Matthew Aguilar, the team is strong in scoring but must work on their defensive strategies.
“If we play good defense, no team will be able to beat us. As long as we practice hard, we will have a great season,” Aguilar said.