BRIGHT EYES: Sorry, Your Dreams Are Out of Reach

To feel insecure is inevitable. When applying to college, whether you are ready for it or not, you are going to doubt your abilities. On your quest to apply to a reputable and reachable university, sites like College Prowler and College Confidential may become frequented on a routine basis. To help get a better idea of your chances of getting accepted, some sites offer a “Chance Me” option that enables other people to vote on the chances they think you will get into a university you apply for.
The process starts with filling out the information most wouldn’t normally gloat about, like their grade point average and SAT scores. You can also enter in your extracurricular activities and rank your own high school’s performance and difficulty, as well as a few other options. After all is said and done, you then anxiously await the blessing of a complete stranger. The stranger can vote from options ranging from, “Yes, it’s very likely,” to “Sorry, it’s out of reach.”
At times, it is hard for us to remember that most schools look at applicants holistically, meaning they take into account the experiences you mention in your personal statement, what you set out to do in the future and who you are as a person. Overall, these anonymous poll-style online predictions should be taken with a grain of salt because every college is different and you may just be admitted to the school that you thought was out of reach.