Varsity Football Plays Assiduously in Homecoming, yet Unable to Qualify for CIF

Staff Writer

The varsity football game that determined whether AHS was guaranteed a spot in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoffs was on Nov. 2.
The team fought valiantly against the San Gabriel Matadors, but lost with a score of 9-15.
The game began with the Madators winning the coin toss and the Moors kicking off. The first quarter consisted of skillful defense from the Moors, causing the Matadors to have many incomplete passes. The quarter tied with a score of 0-0.
During the second quarter, the Moors did an excellent job of keeping the ball in their possession. The clock was at four minutes and 34 seconds when the Moors completed their first touchdown scored by quarterback Armando Amaya, gaining a six-point lead over the Matadors. Missing their one-point field-goal kick, the team concluded the second quarter with two interceptions by wide receiver Sebastian Espinosa, only for it to be recovered by the Matadors once again. There were 18 seconds left on the clock when wide receiver Oscar Gaytan made the last interception, ending the second half with a favorable score of 6-0.
The following quarter, the Moors started off with the ball. Toward the end, the Matadors failed to complete a three-point field goal attempt. There were two minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock when the Matadors scored their first touchdown, as well as their first one-point field-goal kick, ending with the Matadors leading 6-7.
The Moors entered the fourth quarter by running the ball to the seven-yard line by tail back Ezra Broadus. This play set up a three-point field-goal kick by Jesse Campos. With eight minutes left, one of the Moor’s key players, Broadus, was injured and removed from the game. This setback soon led to another touchdown by the Matadors and, instead of a field-goal kick, they ran the ball, gaining them another two-point touchdown. With five minutes remaining in the game, San Gabriel intercepted the ball yet again. The Moors, unable to retrieve the ball, ended the game with a score of 9-15.
The football team’s season ended with a record of 2-3, preventing them from advancing to CIF finals. Despite losing, the team was able to acknowledge that they played great defense against the Matadors but needed improvement in some areas.
“We could have improved with a better offense, but we worked very hard and never gave up.” running back Jason Lee-Raza said.