Oh Administration! You’re Such a PSATease!

Staff Writer

“What happened?” “Why did it happen?” “Why weren’t we informed?” These are a few of the many questions that arose after the delay of the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) on Oct. 17.
It wasn’t until recently that administrators stated why the PSAT was delayed. It started off with a couple of rumors: technical difficulties, lack of preparation and other various reasons. According to the Assistant Principal of Guidance, Phuong Ngyuen, the PSAT regulations stated that the test needed to be administered in the morning before 12 p.m. Now the question is, why was this overlooked?
The administrators were notified the same day and were surprised as well; nevertheless, rescheduling the PSAT to the following Saturday frustrated many, including myself. I had studied for more than three weeks and I was disappointed since I had to attend a volleyball tournament. Likewise, the same day, numerous students were unable to take the test. A makeup for such students has not been announced resulting in desperation among those students who may qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.
Now, will an act of negligence like this repeat itself? Such a careless mistake not only caused anger within the affected students, but skepticism as well. To avoid such an event next time, administrators should verify all PSAT guidelines beforehand and any notice for a makeup should be announced at least a week in advance.