Policies on Education: Democrats vs. Republicans

DEMOCRATS SYLVIA WINSTON Staff Writer Nov. 6 is an important day for all American citizens, including students. Education, a highlighted issue of the 2012 election, has become the number one priority of the presidential campaigns, specifically the Democratic platform. According to President Barack Obama, in order to prepare Americans for jobs and restore middle class security, we have to out-educate

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Election 2012: Meet the Candidates

Every four years, voters in the United States have to make an important decision: who do they want to elect as their next commander in chief? Four years ago in 2008, President Barack Obama won the presidential election with the promise of hope and change for the betterment of the American people. Now, in 2012, President Obama is running for

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Increased Turnout Within Freshmen Council Elections

OLIVIA CHEUNG Editor in Chief Freshmen class council elections are held annually to determine the respective year’s nine-member council, whose responsibilities center on building school spirit and fundraising for class events. Compared to last year’s voting turnout of 26 percent when 178 out of 687 freshmen voted, this year’s elections achieved a turnout of approximately 66 percent, a dramatic increase

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