JV Football Team with High Expectations for Season

Staff Writer

The JV football team has started their new league season after ending their preseason with a record of 4-2. To prepare for the upcoming Almont League games and finals, the team has practiced every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.working on many types of drills such as defensive, offensive , blocking and more. In addition, they work on formations and executing successful plays.

“[We have] been working on trying to perfect the plays and trying to get an idea of what the other team’s plays might be,” junior right tackle Jonathan Paredes said.

Although they lost their first league game on Oct. 4 against the Bell Garden Lancers with a score of 12-14, the team remains in an optimistic mood towards the rest of their season.

“[The team is] doing well. They had a tough loss in the league opener, but they are going to bounce back in the next game [against the Montebello Oilers],” Head Coach and Athletics Director Gerald DeSantis said.