Bright Eyes: Proactivity is Key

Opinions Editor

It’s already October. As a senior, the month marks the beginning of what can potentially become college application hell. As a student, I’m starting to get a little uneasy about looming semester finals in two months. One of the more overlooked topics of discussion, by students and young adults alike, is the 2012 presidential elections.

(Hopefully) most of us know who’s running, and a fraction of us already know who we would or will vote for. However, how much of the student body actually knows about each of the candidate’s policies?

“What’s Obamacare?” “What’s that ‘47 percent’ thing I keep hearing about?” Most students don’t follow politics, and that needs to change. All pressing topics affect students, directly or not. We can all take part during this momentous time.

One way to get involved is by volunteering at a polling station. A volunteer could immerse themselves in the atmosphere of an intense political party headquarters. Watching the three presidential debates are also effective ways to learn about the candidates. By simply seeking minor ways to help in the election, as well as educating ourselves about the candidates, we have the potential to make quite a difference as young adults.