Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Team Prepares for New Season

Staff Writer

It takes hard work and sacrifice to become the best. That is why the varsity girls’ volleyball team spends countless hours in the gym practicing every day, working on fundamentals, focusing on defense and preparing for their current season. They spent two to four hours each day during their summer vacation to practice in hopes that they would become better than their competition. The girls try to spend as much time as possible in the gym, but when the gym is not available to them, they are at Almansor Park working on their endurance and building up stamina by running and conditioning.

“It has been exhausting and mentally draining for the girls and myself, but as a team we know [practicing] will pay off,” Head Coach Charles Tran said.

The team has been working hard this off-season to improve on their weaknesses.

“I feel like we need to improve on communication, not make stupid mistakes, work as a team and trust each other,” senior passer Tracy Yoshimizu said.

To improve on these aspects, Tran has the team perform drills and work on their rotations repetitively.

These girls are expecting to be one of the best teams in the Almont League this year and they expect every game they play to be competitive. Their goal this season is to have one of the best records in league and to play in the post-season, going as far as they can in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoffs.

“I expect us to win most of the time, because [I believe] we are good enough to and we have what it takes to go as far as we can,” senior Captain Taylor Warren said.

The girls have a preseason record of 3-5 and an Almont League record of 0-3. They will be looking for a win at home against Montebello on Oct. 18.