Varsity Girls’ Tennis Continues with Aspirations of Success in Regular Season

Sports Editor

With a preseason record of 5-2, the varsity girls’ tennis team has immense goals ahead of them. The Moors started their preseason losing to San Marino on Aug. 28, but came back victorious in their next five games. Last month, the girls played against South Pasadena on Sept. 13 and won with a score of 13-5. The team started the season on Sept. 20 and currently has a league record of 1-3.

“Having won the last five games, the team’s confidence is quite high. We have an optimistic view about what can happen […] because they are improving,” Head Coach Calvin Chow said.

The team starts practice everyday by warming up with volley matches, followed by practicing ground stroke drills, volleying and serving. The team continues to train by learning about specific strategies and techniques designed to help the team improve in their upcoming games.

“I think Coach [Chow] wants us to win as much as we can and to get us ready for next year because we have a lot of seniors on the team,” sophomore sub Monica Wu said.

The girls are trying to increase their skills in order to win the Almont League title and continue to play in the post-season California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoff tournaments, just as they did last year.

“Our goal is to become a stronger team and work together this year because a lot of members are new on varsity. We have been putting our best effort and going to practice everyday and even Saturday practices to make sure we improve,” senior Captain Jessica Phung said.