Anhayte’s Antics: Title IX Persuades Girls to Join Athletics

Staff Writer

Title IX was created to give females and males equal opportunities in sports, but in order to comply, there must be a four percent or less difference between male and female athletes.The issue of the Title IX law has required many sports teams to make changes to their rosters by cutting male athletes from the team because of the insufficient number of female athletes.

Most male players work hard to be part of an athletic program and do not deserve to be cut. Title IX pressures girls to compete when they aren’t passionate about sports in order for boys to continue to participate. In order to comply with Title IX, there needs to be more exposure to sports in middle schools.

The lack of exposure to sports and motivation in middle school makes the recruitment of females difficult to meet the terms of Title IX. There is not enough information available for the students to be informed about the different kinds of athletic programs that are available in high school. Allowing team captains to expose their sport and letting the kids ask questions about the athletic programs will help gain more female athletes.

Every school year, Title IX brings stress to athletes, coaches and teams in general, since they are focusing more on compiling on the number of athletes rather than on the team’s performance. Therefore this tends to neglect the fact that the athletes who are there to perform do it for their passion of the sport.