Mud Club

It is a new school year, and many exciting things are in store for everyone. There are numerous opportunities to get more involved with the school, such as joining or starting a club. Lisa Llexim, who is a new teacher at Alhambra High, has decided to start a pottery club.
The Mud Club is for people who have an interest in ceramics or would like to learn more about it. They meet up every Tuesday and
Thursday on the second and fourth week of every month during lunch in room A-23.
“I started this club for students who are in the ceramics class or anyone interested in ceramics,” adviser and ceramics teacher Llexim said.
They spend time learning different techniques and how to use machines, such as pug mills, the potter’s wheel and the kiln. A pug mill machine grounds materials and mixes them with a liquid simultaneously. A potter’s wheel is used for shaping the clay into round ceramic
ware. A kiln is a furnace for hardening, burning or drying of pottery. The club also raises funds for the different equipment they need to use.
President Katrina Ren feels that her experience and love of pottery can help other students to advance in ceramics as well.
She hopes to be able to work on new projects with her club at least twice a week. This will give her and the members in the club the opportunity to communicate and interact with each other and share their opinions. The Mud Club is where she and her fellow members can make pottery and become a family as they gain more experience and learn from their mistakes together.
As the year progresses and the students in the Mud Club produce new pottery that they have mastered, their work will be sold at the Moor Market.
“We’re planning on making necklaces, bracelets and mugs to sell,” Llexim said.
At the end of the year, the club would like show everyone on campus all the designs they have been working on throughout the year. They also would like to use this chance to promote their club and let all the students know more about the Mud Club.

Deborah Chen
Staff Writer