Under New Coaches, Softball Crushes Preseason Opponents

Copy Editor
Reminding the Almont League once again that AHS is one of the most dangerous and dominating schools in the region is the softball team. For the past two years, the JV softball team has claimed back to back first place titles in the Almont League after monumental seasons. This year, the team is aiming to carry their expectations all the way to league championships once again as preseason closed before spring break.
With a two year championship streak, the JV team has garnered a reputation among the other schools in league as intense opponents. Their reputation preceded them again as they overshadowed the competition and acquired an impressive 7-0 record in preseason. Going undefeated for an entire preseason duration is a testament to how strong the team is this year and at the same time sets the bar of expectation for the rest of the year.
“By keeping each other up and giving it our all for every game we can have a triple repeat of being Almont League champions,” right outfielder Sabreena Trevizo said.
As of now, the other two top contenders for the league title are Schurr and Montebello. Varsity softball defeated both Montebello and Bell Gardens and has a current record of 3-1 in league. The varsity team ended preseason with a 4-6 record and is hoping to place into CIF this year.
Currently, the varsity girls are training under three brand new coaches: Head Coach John Zibala, and Coaches Patrick Zibala and Mike Gutierrez. According to varsity catcher Renee Cruz, the coaches are working with the team on sharpening their agility and footwork.
“Our coaches have [become] a lot better and are very strict, which is exactly what we need at this point in the season,” Cruz said.