Strange Obsessions

Pop icons: The quirky fashion and music of pop star Lady Gaga have captured our hearts. Our attention span has proven to be longer than two seconds. And although we’ve waved a sad goodbye to the now-iconic hairstyle of hair-flipping teen star Justin Bieber, most of us still idolize him—most.
Reality Shows: Before 2009, it is doubtful that any generation would have tolerated a TV show following a house of overly tan, drunk, fist-pumping twenty-somethings who’s lives revolve around previously unheard-of acronyms; GTL—gym, tan, laundry—and don’t forget, the partying. Yeah, we’re talking about MTV’s Jersey Shore.
Social networking: For whatever reason, we can’t resist the urge to spill every detail, interesting or not, of our lives–140 characters or less- to anyone who will read it.
Cult Classics: Although you will have to bribe us with a pretty large sum of cash to sit down and thoroughly read a novel for English class, we will gladly devour anything that involves vampires, beautiful glittery men, goblins or wizards. We’ll also jump at the chance to wait hours in line, sleep-deprived on a school night, to be one of the first thousands of fans to watch the latest movie in the series, then immediately log onto Facebook to post our rave reviews.

by Features Editor Lindsay Croon