Preseason Record Gives Swimmers Hope for League

Staff Writer
Swimming is a very competitive sport that requires a lot of mental and physical commitment. The varsity swim team has been practicing every day since the end of water polo season stretching from after school until 4:30 p.m. Much of their success during preseason comes from more dedication to practice and a tighter bond throughout the team.
The swimmers expect to do better than in previous years by remaining consistent with their work ethics. Most of their training includes land drills with running and push-ups, as well as lower body drills with one to two thousand yards of swimming.
The team’s performance during preseason was evident of their excellent work ethic, resulting in a 5-1 preseason record. The disappointing loss against Montebello served as a wake-up call for the team to step it up for the rest of the season. The second Almont League meet against Mark Keppel ended in a loss when the Moors failed to match their opponents’ speed.
“We still improved individually and we also had more intensity and motivation going in as the underdogs. It wasn’t that bad even though we came out losing because we gained a lot from it,” Captain Jonathan Lee said.
Along with the time in the pool, the team has shared other moments, such as building relationships with each other through fundraisers and spring break practices. Even their losses served as valuable bonding experiences for the team.
“[Our main goal] is to keep raising the bar and never settling for where we’re at,” sophomore Javier Covarrubias said.