Golden Opportunity for JV Baseball to Take League

Staff Writer
Currently ranked third in the Almont League, the JV boys’ baseball team is working hard to capture a first place ranking. With the skills and capabilities to succeed, this season will serve as a rare opportunity for the Moors to gain the prestigious league champ title.
“Even though we are in third place, I think we could come back to win the league championship [because] I have confidence in [the] team,” catcher Alan Rivera said.
This year’s team is fortunate enough to have players who are gifted with solid hitting and pitching skills. However, the absence of communication on the field takes away from their strengths and oftentimes leads to their own demise.
“Our overall performance does not truly depict the talent we have on our team, but we still have time to play to our full potential,” first-baseman Thomas Richetts said.
This season is especially important for the players mainly due to Head Coach Rolan Ortiz’s retirement announcement. After spending 11 years coaching the AHS baseball team, Ortiz chose to make this season his last in order to enjoy being a grandfather and spend more time with his family.
“We want to win the league championship not only for us, but for Coach Ortiz who is retiring after this season because he is a great coach and he deserves to go out with a bang,” pitcher Andres Garcia said.
This year’s players definitely have the potential to go far in the game, and if they are able to follow through with their goals to improve, then placing first in the Almont League will not come as a surprise.