With every positive aspect in life, there seems to always be a negative one tailing. As humans, it is only natural that we tend to turn a blind eye to it. Yet, we’re still shocked and overcome with devastaion when they happen, surprised that something so tragic would occur in the first place. The economic recession and both man-made and high impact natural disasters are a couple major tragedies that have brought us together to offer both comfort and solace to those affected, during our generation.
According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, we have recently emerged out of in 2009, what is known as the “Great Recession.” Although many individuals saw it coming, they continued to ignore all of the warning signs until it was too late and the economy began to crumble. Warning signs such as high real estate prices and stock market drops only raised already sky-high tension among citizens, which in turn caused panic and added to the recession.
Disasters obviously play a massive part in the undesirable aspects of life we are presented with. Man-made disasters such as the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center only further prove regression in the human race. As a result of what appears to be miscommunication and discrimination—all which could have been avoided—the tragic event happened.
While natural disasters cannot be prevented, they can be prepared for. Individuals don’t like to think about them; therefore, the anticipation tends to be one of the last things on a person’s mind. The recent earthquake and the aftershocks that have occurred in Japan have raised fear globally. Rumors that they are going to take place elsewhere and hit each continent are on the rise. However, with proper preparation in this type of disaster, unnecessary damage can be avoided and panic can be quelled.
The negative aspects of life will always exist, and have proven to be dangerous and fatal, especially in economic and disaster categories. Our generation has witnessed much tragedy during our short-lived lives. However, what is left to do is learn from what has occurred, move on and prepare for the future and what it may bring.

By Features Editor Karolina Zydziak