Boys’ Tennis Tied With Keppel for First Place in League

Sports Editor
On April 7, the varsity boys’ tennis team played their third Almont League game against Schurr, ending in a victorious 88-79 score, placing the Moors first in league with a record of 3-0.
After their first successful league game against the Mark Keppel Aztecs, who they have not beaten in six years, the team has put more effort and determination into practice to maintain their rank in league. According to doubles two player Derek Zhang, they work on hitting, serves, volleys and footwork. In addition, Head Coach Jeff Levie pulled each player out individually to improve on their personal weaknesses and strengths.
Furthermore, the players have also been focusing on improving the doubles teams. According to singles player Brendan Ma, they have been gradually improving on their serves and volleys.
“They did well in their matches against Keppel and Montebello. The Montebello game definitely helped with their confidence,” Levie said.
On April 14, the Moors played their fifth league game against the Aztecs. There were many close opportunities for the players to win their matches. In the end, the game ended with a 8-10 score, resulting in a 4-1 league tie for first place against Keppel.
Although the team is currently tied first, there have been past situations where the Moors won the first four league games, but lost the other four, demoting them to second or third place in league. According to Levie, the team needs to stay motivated, focused, and not give up after a down because every point counts. Levie would scare the players at times so that their ego would not get the best of them.
“We’ve been practicing all year, and we’re ready for [the rest of the] season,” Captain Raymond He said.