Tennis Spotlight: Richard Nguyen

For years, the Moors tennis team was behind in Almont League rankings. This year is a different story; Alhambra stands third place, rising from fourth last year.

“The team is definitely better this year,” said doubles player Daniel Situ. “We worked hard, especially the seniors, because we didn’t want to [endure] our years of tennis without ever getting into CIF.”

As a result of numerous hours of practice, this year paves a new optimism for following seasons.

“My expectations were a little high [at first], but we still did an amazing job,” said singles player Kevin Ong. “I hope next year’s team will [place first] in League.”

The legacy of the senior players will be carried on by their underclassmen teammates, of which there are still a number of vital players.

Unfortunately, the Moors lost 6-12 to Walnut in their last game.

How did you become interested in playing tennis?

My good friend’s brother was a player. He got me interested in tennis and, eventually, it became a passion.

What have you learned from being on the team?

I learned to be more open, how to concentrate, and meet my goals. It taught me discipline and gave me character.

What do you hope to leave behind after graduation?

Once I graduate, I just hope the underclassmen will be able to learn from being on the team and excel in the future.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I’m going to study mechanical engineering and someday get into developing robots.

by Johnny Huynh, Staff Writer