Furthering the Moors Track Legacy


Co-Sports Editor

Alhambra varsity track has always set a high standard for the rest of the schools in the Almont League. Their nearly undefeated record set forth a warning to their opponents. Losing only to Schurr last year caused them to come short of League champions; Alhambra was determined not to make the same mistake again.

The Moors finished off their 2010 season on a high note: League champions. So what made this year different from last year?

“Every meet depended on all of the categories,” said distance runner Joel Arellano. “Each event was crucial to our victories.”

When it came to Schurr, it was Alhambra’s jumpers that helped the team win by one point. Against Montebello, it was the sprinters that contributed the most. However, the Moors were hindered during the preliminaries because of injuries.

“Prelims are individual events. Because of injuries, including Joe and myself, a lot of us did not do as well as we would have liked to,” said senior sprinter Andrew Lok.

Many talented runners, including junior James Martin for hurdles, junior Jin Lee for jumps, and senior Arellano for distance, have all played an important role in starting the new winning streak for the decade.

Andrew Lok is a three year varsity member of track, currently the number one sprinter in Alhambra High and second in Almont League. Lok runs the 100 meters, 200 meters, 4×100 meter relay and 4×400 meter relay.

How did you become the athlete you are today?

I always work hard before and during the season. I utilize every opportunity I get to train and be the best I can be, whether it be putting in extra hours on the track every day or hitting the weight room on weekends. As trite as it may seem, diligence and persistence really pays off in the end.

What or who motivated you to do track?

When I first started off in my freshman year, track never even crossed my mind as being my type of sport. I even had to debate about whether to continue or not. I wasn’t satisfied with placing last all the time, so when summer started I decided to work hard and put in that extra time and effort. In addition, the seniors (now alumni) were huge role models for me.

What are your plans after high school?

I want to major in kinesiology and be a physical therapist. I am debating between Cal State Northridge on a track scholarship or Pasadena City College.