First Alumni Golfer of the Decade

For Head Coach Joseph Brambilla and  the varsity boys’ golf players, this year marked the beginning of many surprises, including taking second in League. In the midst of new underclassmen, there is one returning senior: Umair Amjad.

How did you start playing golf? What attracted you to the sport?

I started playing when my dad took me to the driving range during seventh grade. I liked it. Not only did you have to be physically strong, you also had to be mentally strong to hit a sitting ball.

What do you like best about the sport?

Golf is something you can play anytime and anyone can play and experience the thrill of hitting a ball 300 yards.

Looking back, what was golf like when you joined freshman year? How is it now in comparison?

I’m much better than I was freshman year, but it’s still the same. We have guys working hard to achieve a goal and we try to reach it no matter what.

What will you miss after graduation?

I think I would miss the team more than anything because this was a completely new team that came together like we were with each other for multiple years.

Are you planning to continue practicing golf beyond high school?

Yeah, I will play for fun but I’m not too sure if I’ll be playing for a college.

by Sally Tran, Staff Writer