’09-’10 Season

Something that many students can have in common, that they can have an interest in, that they can participate in, that they are willing to put time, effort and devotion in, is what we call high school sports.

One of the main reasons why many students look forward to school is because of sports. This activity allows them to cheer for their peers and recognize the players’ talents in the respective category they take part in.

As usual, some of these sports always have great outcomes, such as the wrestling team, which consistently qualifies a number of players to take part in state and nationals competitions. The varsity baseball team captured the title of Almont League champions for the sixth consecutive year. Some have risen to the top as a result of many skilled players putting all their efforts into training and always playing to their full potential. For instance, girls’ varsity basketball won the League title, a win these girls have not had since 1993.

Furthermore, last year, varsity track placed second in League, ruining their ninth consecutive title as League champions. This year, they are back on track, capturing the League title, and aiming to maintain that title. This further goes to show that everyone can rise to the top again if they put in dedication to practicing.

Each and every player plays a great role in our school’s athletics. These athletes are important because they play a big part in where Alhambra stands right now, since sports are a perpetual legacy of our school. This goes to show that these players are needed, and as a result of the graduating seniors, tryouts will be held again. With the seniors leaving, spots are available for incoming players who have potential, shows commitment to the team and will bring victory to the Moors.

Although the seniors are leaving, possibly furthering their athletic careers or pursuing higher education, new players are moving up to fill their spots, learning new techniques. This accounts for each and every sport.

by Angelyne Chu

Staff Writer