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About The Moor Weekly

The Moor Weekly serves as one of the checks and balances of district and school policies. It is an open forum for the campus population and one of the records of Alhambra High School’s history. The Moor Weekly is not a vehicle for the promotion of any school organization, individual and/or activity, excluding those promoted via paid advertisement. The Moor Weekly is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and California Education Codes 48907 and 48950.
The Moor Weekly encourages students, faculty and community members to submit Letters to the Editor. Topics need not deal with stories previously published but should pertain to issues affecting the school and/or surrounding community.
Letters can be delivered to C-225, or the The Moor Weekly’s suggestion box in the Activities Office at least one week in advance. For legal reasons, The Moor Weekly cannot publish letters written anonymously but can withhold the name of the writer at their request. The Moor Weekly also reserves the right to refuse publication when the opinions expressed or issues discussed have been previously addressed or are of no relevance to the campus community and/or surrounding areas as deemed by the Editorial Board.

The current staff of The Moor Weekly is as follows:

Caroline Ren
Angela Yang

News Editors
Denise Tieu, Cindy Luo
Opinions Editors
Susanna Aiga, Kayiu Wong
Features Editors
Sylvia Winston, Jade Lieu
Sports Editors
Kevin Kong, Simeon Lam
Copy Editors
Janet Guan, Elton Ho
Head Cartoonist
Jacqueline Chau
Head Photographer
Yibei Liu
Business Manager
Jacqueline Chau
Staff Liasion
Anhayte Guajardo
Circulations Manager
Anhayte Guajardo
Staff Writers
Barry Cheung, Sara Hernandez, Paula Kiyra, Amber Li, Shelley Lin, Jacquelyn Loi, Farrah Luu, Joseph Ney-Jun, William Rodriguez, Aryana Tapia, Briana Thai, Wesley Tsai, Derek Wu, Rebecca Zeng
Shannon Kha
Carmen Le
Graphic Artists
Leslie Wong, Sammie Chen
Cindy Luo
Assistant Webmaster
Rebecca Zeng

Mark Padilla

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