Moors Poet Society Competes at Get Lit Competition Semifinals

Editor in Chief

Deep in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the L.A. Theater Center was brimming with activity on April 29. Just inside the lobby, 25 schools were gathered for the annual Get Lit Classic Slam of 2016. In the various theatres, the Alhambra Slam team, composed of senior Joseph Ney-Jun, senior Sania Luna, senior Tina Le, senior Vivyana Prado, sophomore Edith Garcia and sophomore Alycia Whyte, awaited their next performance with 47 AHS students cheering them on.

“My poem, ‘What I Learned from My Mother’ by Julia Kasdorf, had me at the title. My mom taught me a lot about just being kind, which is what [my classic] poem is all about. My response, rather than focusing on the positive things that I learned, focuses on the negative,” AMPS President Ney-Jun said.

There were six teachers who helped get every participant ready: Kristin Keenan, Nicole Hasenbein, Joshua Moreno, Carlos Villagomez, Lori Naylor and Leah Christian.

“It was my first time performing at Get Lit and my experience was really great. It’s amazing to go and speak your voice and writing and thoughts to people for them to hear and truly enjoy. I do and I can’t wait to improve and grow in poetry,” Garcia said.