Alhambra High Environmental Resource Awareness Society Hosts Eco Fair with Water District

Staff Writer

On April 22, AHS celebrated Earth Day with the Municipal Water District of San Gabriel Valley (SGVMWD) by holding its own Eco Fair.

Located in the Quad at lunch, the Eco Fair was hosted by ERAS and helped in spreading environmental awareness to students. Students who stopped by the Fair received lollipops wrapped with environmental facts, courtesy of ERAS. Furthermore, the SGVMWD, partnered with ERAS, also provided free items such as plant seeds and pens to students.

“I hope that the Eco Fair will show our students that our actions have consequences,” ERAS member Daniel Torres said. “Even something like tossing a small piece of litter onto the sidewalk can do its part in damaging the environment.”

Beyond the Eco Fair, ERAS participates in various services to extend their influence beyond AHS.

“I think ERAS has definitely impacted the students at our school as well as the community in a positive way,” ERAS Adviser Trieu Nguyen said.