Schools Should Offer Free Tutoring


As a necessity, schools should offer free tutoring for all students. Tutoring is a valuable resource for success in school. Only some families can afford to hire tutors. With tutors, students can focus on individual needs and develop personalized learning plans.

 Teachers who often have classes filled with students of various skill levels, can sometimes struggle to help all students meet their needs in succeeding in their classes. With overcrowded classrooms, teachers are usually unable to meet with students one-on-one for any further guidance due to there being too many students to help at once. 

Many schools, including our own, pay teachers a small sum to tutor after school for an hour or so once a week. Not only is this not enough time, but teachers are also already overworked.

 By providing paid tutors who are not classroom teachers, schools can get people who can teach more than one subject, strengthening the foundation of students. 

Overall, students should be offered free tutoring. No matter what background students come from, they should have access to tutoring in all subjects from remedial to A.P. courses. Tutoring should be offered for all classes, including elective courses, not just in classes like math and English which appear on the CAASPP test.