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Reach For Moor With Common Core

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Alhambra High, along with other schools, recently switched to Common Core. Although it seems strange to suddenly switch our academic standards to Common Core, believe it or not, it is helping you. Common Core prepares students for the road ahead of them.

Education plays a huge role in a student’s future. Requirements for entering colleges are mainly based on grades and standardized test scores. According to US News, many students in America have fallen behind in academics, making it harder for them to get accepted to the colleges they apply to. Common Core was created to help ensure success in college after high school graduation.

Instead of having vague instructions that do not focus on concepts that will be useful in the future, Common Core establishes clear, consistent guidelines and focuses on analysis, critical thinking and problem solving. This will train students to have better problem solving skills and increased reasoning. It also provides students with a genuine learning experience. Previously, students could answer questions by guessing or searching for it online. With Common Core implemented, students must show how they got their answers and explain why their answer is correct.

Communication is essential in relaying ideas to come to a mutual understanding. Common Core focuses on collaboration with other students in group projects or discussions. This allows students to broaden their prowess in communication.

Common Core is helping students in several ways. It prepares students for the future by improving their problem solving and analysis abilities, which gives them experience communicating ideas with others. Switching to Common Core is a step towards increased future success for students.

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