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Pros and Cons of Common Core

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With the new system, written answers in math and English are required, which hones students’ writing ability.

The new system allows comparisons between states because they have one unified set of standards.

The Common Core system emphasizes evaluating and analyzing, rather than just identifying, so students will do more critical thinking.

Tests and assignments are more unified, so we do not need different assignments or tests for the same material covered.

Various learning materials are put together to help students learn more in less time.


Both the materials and the ways of teaching are changed, so teachers and students need time to adjust.

Many of the old materials will be replaced and new online assessment are needed, which adds to the financial cost of the school.

The Common Core standards only pertain to mathematics and language arts.

Teachers are often pulled out of class for training, so substitutes will be needed, meaning more financial costs for the schools.

The words addressing the standards are too complex, making it hard for some students and parents to understand.

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