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The Special Olympics is an outstanding event that shows that a disability cannot stop one from dreaming big and doing astonishing things. These special athletes jumped over their obstacles and went for the gold.

“After being a part of this event, I consider these the best athletes in the world,” former athlete Dustin Plunkett said, according to the Special Olympics website.

He discusses the struggles of becoming an Olympic athlete. They work extremely hard to get to where they are and their hard work is paid off with the recognition and they receive their supporters from everyone.

“I feel stronger. I can run faster. I can do it on my own and I never give up,” 2015 athlete Molly Hincka said.

She believes she can not only be great but win. She is one of the many athletes that showcased her talents in these special games. Whether the Special Olympics are your cup or tea or not, there is still a level of respect for the athletes and the accomplishments they achieved. Even if they didn’t win, they still achieved their goal by competing in the Olympics. You see that on the facial expressions given after they win or lose, they still have a bright smile on their face.

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