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Introduction: Special Olympics 2015

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No matter what culture, every country brings a sense of pride to the Olympics. The competition, the support and the united nations come together to compete in multiple events. These world games don’t occur every year, which make them even more intense than other seasonal athletics. But what about the Special Olympics? This event is unique in that it isn’t about the competition and pride but rather the support and respect for the intellectually disabled athletes from all over the world. Instead of working to be the best, these athletes try to be their own best which makes this event more meaningful than the other Olympics. This past year, the games were held right in our neighborhood in Los Angeles. You might have heard a lot about it since surrounding cities supported the event. In fact, Alhambra housed some of the athletes from Japan. In this special feature, you can find out about the history, mission, disabilities, events and meaning behind the Special Olympics.

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